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I’ve always thought having a birthday on Christmas would be the worst case scenario, that was until Clark Kent and I got together and I found out he was a Valentine’s baby. I assume it’s less than ideal for a girl, too, but for a boy, it just seems like a slice of awful. A lifetime of expectation to coordinate over-priced flower deliveries and schedule over-booked nights out. Not to mention, the whole world turns pink…God knows after two daughters Clark has had his fill of pink in general!!!! Luckily, Clark married a girl who falls into the category of preferring flowers on a random day “just because” rather than on what I consider a Hallmark Holiday–SORRY HEIDI (but I promise if you see my efforts you would still be proud of the love celebration ;-)–but that doesn’t mean I can’t exploit that silly birthday for all it’s worth!!!!

See, Heidi, I can totally be festive! 😉

Thus, since our first Valentine’s together, and now with the kids’ help, we are firmly committed to making Valentine’s all about our birthday boy!!! Kind, generous, loving you think…..hmmm, did I mention that means we also embrace all the Hallmark cheesy-ness to the maximum degree??? Basically, it’s all about him in the most pinkalicious, silly way possible. As an example, on our first Valentine’s I gave him a fully decorated Hello Kitty party, it’s grown from there!

That said, while we like to tease him, we really do use it as an extra special way to show our love. For example, this year we made heart garland. Pretty basic, construction paper hearts strung on hot pink wrapping ribbon, but in lieu of just stringing the hearts, all three kids decorated a selection of hearts on one side, and on the flip-side wrote “I love daddy because….” statements. There was lots of appreciation for him taking them to the mountains and skiing with them, but equal amounts for being silly, and helping them find lost toys or library books. 😉 He loved reading them and I think they were even sweeter than the normal cards we do!

But hands down, the best part of the day, was when some of his colleagues got the hint that it’s fun to tease (taunt) him on this terrible birthday, and they decorated the heck out of his office, basically forcing him to spend the day surrounded by rose petals, and cheesy dime-store decoration of all shapes and sizes. It might not be the best day to have a birthday, but it’s certainly a great day for those who care about the birthday boy to have a little fun effusively showing how much we love him!!!

Clark Kent hard at work in his overly festive office!

And the perfect place to enjoy his lunch….;-)

In general, I think birthdays aren’t just about opening the gifts or having the world revolve around you for the day, it’s about the people who love you having a great opportunity to show how much they care. Happy Valentine’s Birthday, Clark Kent! Thanks for giving the kids and I another great opportunity to express our love…and our love of gaudy, pink ridiculousness!!!