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Has it really been since last spring that Heidi and I put pen to paper, or rather fingers to keyboard and shared a little slice of our world with you all? It appears so!

Needless to say, it’s been a busy summer and fall.  As the wonderful families we help, and the lovely sitters and nannies we partner with, have continued to grow we decided it was time to give our website a little freshening up!  What does that mean for any of you interested in our services?  It’s now sooooo much easier to contact us and get registered, not to mention, you can find an incredible amount of information at your fingertips!

But beyond telling you why we have been MIA and that we are excited about our upgrades, one of the biggest reasons we are so thrilled with our new site is because of the incredible testimonials both our wonderful families and our lovely sitters and nannies shared with us.   We are so deeply honored and appreciative of the outpouring of support we received when we asked for your thoughts on your experiences with Tutus & Trucks.

So our first post now that we are back–basically a big giant THANK YOU to all the wonderful families and caregivers we get to work with who make our days better and who took the time to tell us about the ways we have been able to return the favor!


Heidi & Alix