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We love working with responsible, driven, energetic, upbeat, and good ol’ fashion pep-in-your-step individuals! We are very conscious of our sitters’ schedules and are happy to work around school and other commitments. That being said, we love sitters who have full availability!


18+ Years in Age
CPR & First Aid Certification
Functioning and safe vehicle
3 Years of Professional Experience
Valid Driver’s License & Car Insurance
Genuine Love for Working with Children
Submit to a Comprehensive Background Check


What our sitters and nannies have to say:

Working for Tutus and Trucks has been the most wonderful experience I have had with an employer. The company is dedicated to making everyone involved happy and cared for. Heidi and Alix are absolutely fantastic and they are committed to ensuring positive communication, flexibility, and quality care. Tutus and Trucks makes everyday feel special and personalized. As a nanny, I have been given the opportunity to meet incredible families from every background with this company. I am always excited to go to work and the relationships developed through this remarkable company are enduring. The Denver Metro area is extremely fortunate to have a babysitting company as extraordinary as Tutus and Trucks!

Being a sitter/nanny for Tutus & Trucks has been the best job I’ve ever had. Heidi welcomed me into the company over 3 years ago and I have loved it ever since. I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful families as well as build strong relationships with them. A few of my regular families have become more like my family and I truly look forward to watching the kiddos. I love meeting new kids and families and it means the world when they ask for me back. Tutus & Trucks is a wonderful company and I’ve learned so much in my time working here.

I have been working for Heidi with T&T for nearly five years and thoroughly enjoy all of the work I do! Every family I have had the opportunity to meet has been so kind and left lasting memories. Being a nursing student, it is a great passion of mine to care for and make others happy! I get to do all of these each time I meet and care for a new family! Plus, the kiddos are always so cute! Working with Heidi has been so beneficial and I love how simple and organized the company runs. There is rarely a misunderstanding and I always feel respected and wanted by Heidi, T&T, and the families! I plan to continue working with Tutus and trucks for a very long time.

I’ve been working for Tutus and Trucks for almost two years and have been placed with an amazing long-term family and have had many other incredible babysitting opportunities through the agency. Heidi is a charismatic business owner who puts the happiness and well-being of her employees and clients first. She is great at accommodating the needs and requests of all parties to provide the best fit possible. From the beginning, Heidi has been very open, honest, and understanding throughout my employment. I couldn’t be happier with all the families I’ve been placed with. I LOVE MY JOB!