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Yesterday marked the first day of Spring for 2017 and here in Denver the past two weeks have been an incredible prelude to the new season with lots of big blue skies and temperatures pushing the upper 70’s on many days. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, where I find a surprise late blizzard lurking around the corner, but it hasn’t happened just yet, even though there are some appropriately timed spring showers in the forecast for later in the week.

In general, I don’t know if I would call Spring my favorite season, but what I love most is the joyful transition it marks, where the world is bursting with new life again. All of the sudden your kids can start tumbling out of the door in the morning without spending half an hour bundling up and playing “where’s-my-other-mitten?” Sunscreen starts replacing coats, and the air smells like freshly cut grass and pollinating flowers.

Heidi and I are both fans of scavenger hunts for kiddos, which I know we’ve mentioned in the past! I like to think of them as the the year round Easter Egg hunt. Spring is the perfect time for a new one and it’s a cure for the antsiness that develops over those long months stuck more indoors than out. Plus, it’s an easy way to get your kids engaged in the changing of the seasons.

A throwback to one of our very first spring-time hunts–we were just goaling to pointing at flowers at this point!

Depending on the day and the mood of the kids, I do it one of two ways, either just a general “How many signs of spring can we find,” or if they are feeling a little more competitive, and I’m feeling a little more creative, we start with a list and check it off as we go, whoever scores the most points by the end of the walk wins! Occasionally, this digresses into something reminiscent of my brother and I slugging each other in the back of the car playing “Punch Buggy,” but for the most part it works!!!

Here’s our list for this past weekend’s search..which I might add took up two-hours of time, got us all some sunshine, crammed some math skills in for the point tallying, and gave me a trio of tired, happy nappers!!!

The Search for Signs of Spring

Buds on bushes and trees (1 pt.)
Green tree leaves (1 pt.)
Robin (2 pts.)
Earthworms (2 pts.)
Bonus points for a Robin pulling out a Worm (10 pts.)
Little sprouts from last Fall’s bulbs popping up through the ground (1 pt.)
Tulips in bloom (1 pt.)
Daffodils in bloom (1 pt.)
House windows open (1 pt.)
A lawn full of green grass (2 pts.)–someone who cares about their lawn more than us 😉
Someone with a lawnmower (5 pts.)
A bird building a nest (10 pts.)
A baby bird or animal (5 pts.)
Bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies (2 pts.)
Someone working in their garden (1 pt.)
Kids playing baseball (5 pts.)
An Ice-Cream truck (5 pts.)
Golfers on the golf-course (1 pt.)
Bees (2 pts.)
Kids riding their bikes (1 pt.)
Grass seed sprinkled on grass (2 pts.)
People driving by with their car windows down (1 pt.)
Heron nests (by a pond near our house) (5 pts.)
Someone fishing on the dock (5 pts.)
Frogs in the pond (2 pts.)
Butterflies (5 pts.)
Potato bugs under rocks (1 pt.)
Chalk drawings on the sidewalk (1 pt.)
Horses eating in their field (1 pt.)
Bonus points if the horses are running or playing together (10 pts.)
Each child at the park (1 pt.)
Mud puddles (2 pts.)
Bonus points for not splashing in the mud puddles with your good sneakers on!!! (20 pts.)
Any early Easter decorations you can spot (2 pts.)
New flowers in the pots on front porches (1 pt.)
Garden snake (10 pts.)
Someone washing their car (5 pts.)
Ants (1 pt.)
Flip flops on feet (2 pts.)

Happy Hunting and Happy Spring!!!