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So here I am, writing my Tutus and Trucks blog, working with Heidi everyday providing sitters and nannies for families, yet what do I do again? I let myself fall down the rabbit-hole of feeling like I need to “do it all”–on my own. Of all people, I probably shouldn’t need to remind myself what a benefit and life-saver having great people to watch your kiddos is, especially since I share that info and insight with other lovely mamas every day!

The past few weeks have been crazy, Little In The Middle’s annual Preschool Auction was last Friday and I got pulled into a bigger role than I had initially anticipated. To add to that unexpected workload, for seven out of the ten days leading up to the auction Clark Kent was traveling for work. And of course, all the usual things like homework, meals, laundry, baths, tennis, ballet, etc. still needed to be accomplished–no rest for the wicked!

Thus, in the last few weeks the Little Dude, and sometimes Little in the Middle, have been shuttled back and forth between her school, frequently cordoned off in some corner with an IPad, some Bristle Blocks (a hot commodity in our house since they arrived at Christmas), and a plethora of snacks–with frequent reassurances like “seriously guys, just hold it together for 2 MORE HOURS and I promise you in 2 WEEKS FROM NOW mommy will be all yours again.” I have come to realize that based on my young children’s comprehension of the space/time continuum this was not a very placating phrase, and definitely not worthy of inspiring them to “hold it together.”

In the end, some bribery with naughty food may have been involved…

Auction over, and now coming slowly out of that haze, I find myself with two realizations: first, had it not been for a wonderful friend who rescued me the last two days of prep by harboring my kiddos I would have been truly S.O.L., and second, that I have fallen back into the same trap I was in when I first connected with Heidi–not knowing when to pause and ask for help. Which then prompted me to read the first post I ever wrote for Heidi and I, oh so creatively titled How I Met Heidi , which further reminded me that whether you work in an office, or at home, or aren’t working at all right now, sometimes we all need a helping hand.

I can’t speak for all moms, but as a stay-at-home mom who has a very flexible work endeavor on her hands (thanks, Heidi 😉 ), I frequently put this huge burden on my shoulders of thinking I need to manage it all on my own, and again, the irony being that I preach the exact opposite everyday!! If a friend came to me with the same story I would give her a huge hug and say “let me help you, it’s o.k., you don’t have to martyr yourself every day to prove you are a wonderful mom, that’s already covered, give yourself a break, take a breath and let me help.” So yesterday, I had a heart-to-heart with myself, and reminded this lady that I don’t need to make myself crazy trying to accomplish the unaccomplishable…and then I called Heidi and asked if my favorite sitter is available to come hang with my kiddos so I can try to knock this To-Do list down to at least one page!!!!